We base our story on the simple philosophy of Romanian hospitality and some key aspects in the relationship with our guests:
quality, respect, attention and fulfilled promises!

For us, your well rest and relaxation are of top priority!
The resort’s design is inspired from the freshness, quiet and calm of nature!

Maria Rustic Resort has all the accommodation facilities, according to the classification.
Thus, it offers both apartments situated on two levels, and spacious, fully equipped rooms for increased comfort, with breakfast included.

For those who desire a more generous space and, in order to bring the warmth and family atmosphere closer, we provide 24 beds within 6 family apartments arranged on two levels, with a surface of 85 square meters each.



The dishes made with local, natural ingredients are skilfully prepared by our highly experienced and dedicated chefs. We aim to preserve the flavour and colour of traditional cuisine, using fresh and eco products, for a memorable gastronomic experience.
Free Time

Free Time

The natural, unaltered environment, sheltered from the invasiveness of the modern world and urban congestion, offers the ideal conditions for you to be able to spend your vacation within a comfortable, healthy, calm and close to nature ambiance.


The ideal location for all types of corporate events, team building and business meetings, within a setting that predisposes to relaxed dialogue, enthusiasm, openness, creativity, freedom of thought and safety.


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Our History

We are lovers of beauty, nature and relaxation. We first arrived at this location in 2011.

Here we started to write our story...!

We fell in love at first sight with this piece of heaven!. We decided to purchase a small piece of land in this area, laying the grounds to what today is a wonderful oasis of relaxation, both for us and for you, our guests.
The actual construction of the resort began in 2012.
Our resort is situated 2 km S-E of the village of Cuied and 75 km away from Arad International Airport, via Arad-Sira-Tarnova-Cuied (DJ 709 and DJ 792C).

The entire resort spans a surface area of approximately 140.000 m2 and encompasses a 51.000 m2 lake within the hills, on the banks of which lays the accomodation, restaurant, exterior terraces, conference room, along with various relaxation facilities.

Nature helped us provide you with this whole wonderful world!
We believe in an environment that generates vitality and balance!

This is how we wrote our story!

We are prepared to fulfill your greatest expectations and always ready to offer unforgettable moments and events!
We invite you to be part of the story and make the promise that you too will feel the shiver of love towards the unaltered beauty of this place!

Yours truly,
Flavia Gligor & Octavian Ardeleanu

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