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Outdoor Activities

Nature has helped us with its beauty and generosity, and we provide you with the necessary equipment to practice various outdoor sports and relax.
Thus, you have the opportunity to practice - mountain biking, trekking, swimming, climbing and rappel, recreational riding, archery, paintball and zip line.
You also have at your disposal a field to practice volleyball, basketball and mini-football.
Relax and have fun with us, practicing one of these activities!

Because we love nature and everything that reminds us of our origins, we invite you to discover the pleasure of archery, beginner or advanced, we put at your disposal the necessary equipment.
For the lovers of this sport, we built an outdoor climbing tower with easy and medium difficulty. We have specialized personnel that will initiate you in this sport.
On an area of over 140,000 m2 of hills and forests we have numerous roads and forest trails where we can all enjoy the generosity and beauty of the land. We invite you to see the surroundings in an interesting biking tour. We provide the necessary equipment for these activities.
Motorless water sports
We offer our guests modern and safe kayaks, both for leisure rides, for those uninitiated in the sport, and for those who practice this sport at competitive level. You can also relax and admire the beauty of the lake on a pedal boat ride, which our resort puts at your disposal.
it is a sport based on honour and respect among players. Taking this into account, in general, the impact of the projectile does not leave visible marks on the player; the smooth running of the game depends completely on fair play and the participants’ responsibility to admit and declare themselves "dead" upon being hit. We can say that paintball is a sport of those with character! We invite you to participate in our simulated battles to consolidate team relations!
Sport fishing
For sport fishing tournaments or just for a relaxing fishing session, we provide individual stands for sport fishing. You can fish for freshwater fish species, such as carp, prussian carp, grass carp, silver carp, perch and catfish. All these taking place within the spirit of sportsmanship and environmental protection.
We invite you to do some on foot sightseeing, on the paths of the Maria Rustic Resort domain!

32 km
special routes
5 ha
water gloss
3 hours
hiking trails
12 m
climbing walls

Indoor Activities

If you have already experienced all outdoor activities or in case of bad weather, you have the opportunity to play table tennis, pool, darts, rummy, backgammon or chess.
For joyful evenings, we are ready to offer you a rich experience of our local way of living, organizing traditional themed evenings, with dancing and folk music performances or fun karaoke evenings.
All these facilities are at your disposal to make your stay in our resort an unforgettable experience !

We challenge you to a darts competition! We provide the target and all necessary accessories. Let’s have fun together!
Additionally, you have access to the gym equipped with treadmill and stationary bike.
Enjoy a game of pool with dear friends!
Table tennis
For the lovers of this sport or for beginners, we provide the necessary equipment.

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Table tennis
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